Point • Blank     [•_____]
"We are Point • Blank"

Welcome to the home of team Point • Blank. The team consists of intelligent and

talented members of the first-person-shooter game Counter-Strike 1.6. Each of our members are required to have good sportsmanship, to be respectful, and to show class. We like to keep it professional. We are currently signed up for eco-league and look forward to many challenges ahead. We practice hard and play hard!! We are preparing for the many matches that await us in the current eco-league season. We will be a part of more leagues once the team is fully stabilized.

History of Point • Blank     [•_____]

As many know, some members that make up team Point • Blank consists of members of a team formerly known

as #Maintain. Team #Maintain was loved by many people and existed as a warm and friendly community. But in the gaming world, where there's love, there is hate. What started out as a good team with high hopes and decent players, turned into an unorganized mess and a stained reputation. Because of the occasional immature and unnecessary remarks thrown around by former team members, players who were once fans and part of the community, started to detest #Maintain. Along with other reasons such as spontaneous players going MIA, lack of management, lack of organization, and especially, lack of MAINTENANCE (which is ironic, considering the name of the team), the beloved team #Maintain tragically started falling apart. Team spirit slowly started to disintegrate, then eventually, the team itself. Team #Maintain's fate was sealed once the member incharge decided to leave the team for another. Abandoned, the rest of the members were left in a state of confusion and disarray. This is where Team Point • Blank came in to put order back in the unorganized. I, R1`, decided to to form Point • Blank with help from n A s T y a.k.a. P s y, as a chance to redeems ourselves and to get away from the mess. Only players who are talented, who are respectful, who can show good sportsmanship, and players who are mature, belong here. We do not start shit, we finish it =)

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Name: Ray M.
Game Name: R1` [._____]
Experienced: In lots of things ;)
Comment: I'd like to say thanks to all the members for making this team possible =D
Name: Alex
Game Name: n A s T y [._____]
Experience: Cal-IM
Comment: "I <3 Tae Yeon"
Name: Gerald W.
Game Name: enemy [._____]
Experience: Cal-IM
Comment: no comment
Name: Kevin
Game Name: Fatal [._____]
Experience: Cal-IM
Comment: no comment
Name: Ryan Vigil
Game Name: Splat [._____]
Experience: Cal-IM
Comment: no comment
Name: Cal Evans
Game Name: Cynikal [._____]
Experience: none
Comment: no comment
Name: Eddie Peng
Game Name: perM [._____]
Experience: Cal-IM
Name: Jason Y.
Game Name: brg[._____]
Experience: none
Comment: gl hf!
Name: Pholl S.
Game Name: hollow[._____]
Experience: none
Comment: Abandon your fear


File NameDescription
CS 1.6 Player Models Original Counter-Strike 1.6 player models which are necessary to play in leagues. (CS:CZ Model Fix)
CS 1.6 League Map Pack Counter-Strike 1.6 Map Pack containing the maps necessary to play in leagues.
CPL Mouse Fix A method of disabling mouse acceleration on Windows operating systems through modifying the registry.
Anir's Accelfix A more comprehensive method of disabling mouse acceleration. Anir's accelfix actually patches the Windows mouse driver.
ECO-League Files Here you'll find the necessary files to play in ECO-League. ( maps, anti-cheat, and server configs)


Official team E-Mail address. Feel free to use the input box (on the right) to E-Mail else directly from this website. Beware, I do not tolerate hate mail.
IRC#._     ( # . _ )
Idle our channel =D
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ECO - MatchComTeam: point.blank
If you have an upcoming match with us, feel free to contact us via ECO's MatchCom